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Oh Dried Fish

After months of this fish got stocked in our freezer, I finally get the chance to cook it, one early morning. After that, then consequences comes next , the house stinks for a day no matter how I opened the window all the way up. I sprayed air freshener, however it does last for only an hour. And after spraying more and more, I have noticed that I was suffocated with the smell. So I stopped and lit a candle in the kitchen as well as in the dining room. It is a scented one to help eliminates the smell. It is not just the kitchen that stinks, but it also gets in our living room. Thank goodness the smell didn't get through our bedroom or we will have a dried fish nightmare. 

Bathroom got some stinks too, especially when you smell the shower curtain, it sticks pretty bad. Glad that it happened too because I have noticed that our shower trays needs to be replaced. I must find a nice and inexpensive one. Better check online shower enclosures and give the information to my husband who is going to pay for the renovation. 

While doing that, I am glad that my partner in life is also adventurous. He brought the dried fish for his lunch including a rice with it. Below it the picture of what his lunch is that day. 

It didn't bother him, nor his co-worker for he said that the smell isn't as bad as when you fry it.


  1. I had experienced with this too. But it was all worth it! I enjoyed my meal, hubby and my boys tried not to complain so it was okey but then I decided to fry my fried fish in our patio.

    Cheers and blessings,

  2. Tess: that's one great idea there....


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