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Friend's Gift

An old friend of mine visit Philippines a few months ago. And asked for a favor if she can buy me something from Philippines that I couldn't find in here. It wasn't that big and heavy but getting them from my homeland is such a satisfaction in my soul. When she get back from her trip, she did brought the stuff I asked for her. Fortunately, the box that she's supposed to be used is way too small for the vitamins. So, instead she took a bigger box with a flat rate. I asked to buy more items in the Filipino Store near her place since they have pretty all the items you are looking for. She couldn't filled the box so kept asking me what else do I need. Just to used the box's space. She even mentioned about xbackup vs pkgbackup that I have no idea with. So anyways, that day it came. Super excited to open the box especially knowing the vitamins that is from Philippines has finally arrived.

Son's hand.... he is so curious...

Groceries I got from my friend Love... thank you so much...


  1. haha, i just sent a box for a friend also here in US and the box was half empty I filled it with plant cuttings, hope they will survive :)

  2. betchai: as long as it wouldn't takes a month to get to her it might be


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