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Plant this Year

Before Spring came, I was planning on planting more vegetables and fruits this year. I even buy things I need in advance. So, I won't procrastinate and not going to do it again. I didn't do all the gardening last year because our son is too little to expose outside. Now that he is able to adjust the outside world, I can take him outside with me while I am planting and he can enjoy playing inside the backyard. 

Here are the seedlings I planted last April. I know it is kinda early for me to plant them, but it helps them to grow faster and when it's about time for them to plant in the ground they are all grown up.

Sunflowers and some kind of perennial plants

Pumpkin, snow peas, red bell pepper, other pots were eggplants and hopefully my bitter melon survives to grow in here...

After I planted them, I went online to research more and to make sure I did the right thing. I know, before when we plant I don't base them online. However, it would be much better to know something about your plants. While reading, I came across to a holiday rentals in Chicago. I was thinking about having a trip to Chicago. It would be nice adventure for me and my son and hubby to see another state. There might be interesting places or landmarks in that area that we got to see. I guess, we start earning money for the trip.

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