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Knitting is my new Hobby

You heard me right, aside from playing games online. One of the thing that occupy my space this days is knitting. I was really curious before, whenever my Mother in law knits. It makes me want to do what she does with those long needles and yarn. I love to watch my Mother in law making different kind of stuff out of knitting. I want to do the same thing too.

I tried to knit the a dishcloth that my sister in law taught me. It is pretty easy and I can still remember the pattern on how to make one. I might keep making one to give it to my family in Philippines. Also, my mission is to make a Christmas stocking for my family in Philippines. Though, we were not used to do stocking it would be nice to teach them and do it every Christmas Day. It might take me forever, however since I have nothing to do aside babysitting, maybe I can spend more time of knitting stocking while I can. 

Who knows, I might be able to do bigger stuff like a bikini. I can put my craft into an entry and let one of the fitness models to put on the knitted bikini into a bikini contest. I need to make sure that I will find a great figure model to wear them too. Dreaming isn't bad especially when you think you can do it by doing your best. Like looking for a model in one of the figure competition. Bikini models sometimes intimidates amateur models. But if you just try harder and do your best I am sure you will be able to make it. 

I know, I'm way too far with my imagination. Nevertheless, it is not bad to dream big. As long as I am persistence with the new hobby I have and challenge myself I will be able to achieve the dream one day. Try and try until you succeed. 

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