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It is about time for me to fix our garden in the backyard. Clean the place, where I am going to plant the perennial flowers that way, I need to keep planting the flowers every year. For it will just grow back itself and reproduce. We have wild strawberries that is over taking the whole area  in front of the  garage. We planned to put flowers in it but since strawberries were there already, I guess rearranging them is the only way that I can do. I just hope they are not going to spread outside of that spot. But then again, I could be wrong. I have to check it next year then. For now, those excess veins has to be in the same place, and I manage to intact them. 

I finally bagged those dried leaves from last year's fall, that where laying in our backyard. We never get the chance to clean because it was really cold outside for me to stay longer. Not only that, I don't have someone to watch my son inside the house while I am cleaning outside. I can't just leave him alone in the house, or I will be in a big trouble.

I might take another picture of the cleaned driveway and backyard next time, just to see the difference. I haven't get the chance to clean lately too, procrastinating hits me. 

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