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Samples I signed up

After weeks that I have been waiting for the Free Samples I ordered online. Finally it came to the mail one morning. I was really happy to see it. I like free samples in the mail, or just anywhere. It gives you ideas if you are compatible or if it is worth spending your money to it. I don't remember how many free samples I ordered online, because I was focused on making sure that I can used them at home, to my kid or for myself. It also saves you from spending money to some brand yet you end up throwing the product away because you don't like it. I can't wait for the rest of the products I order. Will definitely share it here once I got them in my hands. 

Nevertheless, it is not bad to get free samples at all. If you have time you can search online and see what websites to go. 

It also reminds me of something when I do this. When I was working in a call center, we have a 30 days free trials to a product for our customers. It is not bad, because if you don't like it you can return the item without spending the label and without keeping them if you are not satisfied. If you want to buy Pelican cases for your Pelican. I know the exact website where you can purchase it. Getting a specific Pelican case is what you can do for those armor you've got. 


  1. hay naku, sana meron din free samples sa Pinas. =). Bago na naman template mo ha. =)

  2. kung mayroon nyan dito maganda sana.hehehee.. thanks sa visit sis, okay lang ako, daming na grab na task kahapon kaya bisibisihan ako.hehehe

  3. Jean: uu, sana nga, i really took the advantage kay i love getting package in the mail...binago ko sya kasi the last time di masyadong magload eh

    Prettymom:lucky for you rose, you've got so many task...give me some naman...


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