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Just enjoying Ice Cream

I can't resist for an Ice Cream specially when we have a warm temperature. An Ice cream helps you feel cooler when it you munch it and it goes inside your body. 

I don't remember the flavor I have this day. But for sure it has something with chocolate or peanuts. For I want my ice cream to have at least one of those flavor.

While enjoying this glorious dessert, I also got news about those company who went into bankruptcy. It could be devastated for them and their families. I do hope they contacted Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to help them raise up. Our country needs more investors and businesses in order to have a booming country.


  1. I also love ice cream, my fsvorite is coffee crumble and strawberry :-). I hope economic in our country would boom again for us to be blessed as well.

  2. Yen: i miss those flavors, we have different kinds of variety of ice creams here but the one i used to have in pi isn't available here... so sad...

  3. Is this your only blog on this matter? If you have any more blogs or anything on this can you please let me know? I found this blog very enticing.


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