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Too early to think

For a Christmas gift to my family in Philippines. I would rather do the advance planning than doing it in the last minute. I don't procrastinate when I have money and got to make sure that every present they will received from us will be use and treasure. Of course, I do have to ask them some choices  of what they would like me to buy for them. I remember and wrote it on my list, one of my brother mentioned about getting him a MagLite. At first I was confused because he said it to me over web chat. I am not familiar with a MagLite Flashlight for it was the first time I heard the products name from him. He told me that it is such a great flashlight to have. So I asked him again to make sure I have the right name. Instead of him saying what kind of flashlight is it. He typed it in the private chat room we have. I was relieve now, I know what he means. He said he would love to have a MagLite Flashlights. So there, I research and of course write it down so I won't forget. One down, and more to go.

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