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Barbeque Dinner with family in our backyard

One ordinary nights we have dinner in our backyard. We grilled pork and potatoes.  It was windy that night and glad that hubby and son enjoyed our dinner outside. It wasn't humid so the night was perfectly great. We didn't stayed too late because it looks like it is going to rain. Plus the wind makes the atmosphere cold. We don't want our son to get sick due to a sudden change of temperature.

An hour to be outside enjoyed our dinner together was really another memorable contribution with my family. Chatting about work, news that we read online, Orlando child injury attorney that we couldn't believe that one of the suspect was proven guilty. Totally no justice. And below, are some shots I took during that night.
Hubby and son while eating dinner...

Pork barbecue and seasoned potatoes cooked on the grill.


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Sis, good morning! Yep I was on vacation for 2 weeks sa Pinas. Now, am back and super busy. So far working from home.

    By the way, summer is beautiful nakakaenjoy. I miss this weather na nadeprived sa akin for couple years.

  2. Ilove the longer days but it's not oneof the best weathers here wither in netherlands...been raining this week!

    Nice family moment over barbecue...:=)



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