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Mastered the Sweet Sticky Cake...[Biko]

After mastering this food to make. I finally mastered it one sunny afternoon. I was craving for a "biko" so I made one. I still have fear of what if it won't turn out to be the way it is? But after watching my friend who made one at her place, I got to learn and made one without her supervision. So, I gathered all the ingredients and  double checked if I have the right amount. After an hour or so of making the toppings which is the one the goes to waste every time I cooked one. I was super happy to see the outcome. It starting to look just like my friend's. Until it really turns out the way it should be. I can start making "biko" without wasting the toppings and the sticky rice. I'm glad I looked at my friend's cooking that day. Now I mastered it and I can start business on selling this food. If only I can advertise or directory submissions for my information on where people will contact me, just in case they want to order.

Finished product...broiled it for 30 mins

First slice of my hardwork...hehehe

And there goes another one more...


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    good for you. I do not know how to make biko. I am but a good biko eater.

  2. I crave instead for a "Valeciana" ... do you know that one too, Novs?

  3. Avee: i got to make sure i mastered one since i'm a good biko eater just like

    webbielady: valenciana i don't like it... i can ask my friend if she knows..of you can simply go to, it might be in there...


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