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My 2011 Harvest

The glorious harvest of my strawberry this year. Although, if you have noticed that I have more smaller ones than the bigger one it's because those small were the wild strawberries that just grows in our backyard. I am glad that the one we bought in the store two years ago finally grows back and this time it gets better and reproduce more. I can't wait for next year's harvest though, hopefully there will be more bigger then the smaller one. That way, I won't go strawberry picking with my sister in law. Although, it was super fun to do because you will be wandering out in a wide field. 

The said place is far from our city. We have to drove at least 20 minutes to get to that place. It was just me and my sister in law who was able to make the said picking. It was totally fun. I have picked more than her so I shared it with her for she needs more than I do. The price is she shared with me her homemade strawberry jam. I haven't tried it yet, however I can't wait to put it on my sandwich. 

It took us an hour and half to picked on that spacious field. We were too exhausted because we were under the heat of the sun. We didn't take a break and I totally didn't wear the hat I bought with me. It was so nice to be home safe and sound. 

I have to check my computer that day too because it was acting weird. So after an exhausting morning, I manage to check my win 7 internet security 2011, got to make sure that my windows security alert works properly before it get hit with a virus. It is really great to know that you have a relevant knowledge  when it comes to computers. I am glad I did.

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  1. oh, look at those harvest, so yummy!!!i love making jams too.


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