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Durian.... anyone???

The fruit that mostly everyone doesn't enjoy. I am one of those person who can live and enjoy eating the glorious taste of sweet of this fruit. And to those who don't which involve my hubby, so sorry to hear that. You are missing the BEST fruit on earth. Don't mind about the smell, you'll get used to it and once you are immune with the smell, you will be craving for this fruit. 

Durian is the only fruit that I have known that was banned to bring with. Not because of the pointy outside appearance, it is the smell that mostly people abhor.

Nobody wants to get a person mad just because of the fruit he or she brings. I was also told by the store owner that you must have eaten this fruit in your own area. I am glad, the Asian store still sells them. I could enjoy eating one anytime I want. Of course, they sell it per pound which is really expensive. I couldn't wait to go home so I could enjoy Durian the most without spending too much money in just one fruit. 

I've remember Andrew Zimmerman, a Chef and has a TV show cold Bizarre Foods couldn't even take the taste of this fruit. He tried it twice to be sure if whether or not his perspective will change, however it didn't. It will be a kind of fruit that makes jailbreak unlock. 

Oh well, as for me I love it and no comments with this fruit at all.


  1. is that true? i was able to eat the candy version... i indeed heard it's yummy but much available in Iloilo so i was not really able to try...

  2. that's what i've heard mostly to people here who knows the law...there's a kind that is really delicious it's purely should try one when you get the chance to visit PI

  3. oh, i love durian, fresh, the milk candy, smoothie, anythig :) but of ocurse, fresh is the best.


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