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Foods from the Rib Festival

We finally went to Celeron Rib Festival last May of 2011. I was here for almost 3 years yet, I haven't went into that Festival, where it isn't far from where we live. It is just that, hubby is way either too tired or lazy to go to the said Festival. I wish I took pictures of the said place to post in here. However, I never have the chance for we went there and it was already dark. Don't want to get people mad over my camera flash. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to capture one with my DLSR camera.

We strolled the place for awhile. It is getting colder because the park is right next to a Lake. It was fun, so many both for food specially ribs. We adjudicate to buy food for I was really hungry and it is time for us to hit back the road. 

There were so many people in the Festival that took us to wait in a longer line for a barbecue ribs. There were even motorcyclist mostly were there. I'm sure motorcyclist has their insurances for their bikes and themselves. If not better know where to go just incase you have problem, the Florida motorcycle accident law firm is one of the BEST.

Anyways, bands were playing nice songs where hubby's brother was watching them. Beer were everywhere and people were enjoying themselves and having a great time. Moreover after minutes to wait in line we finally got  the food we wanted. They were good and I can't wait to get another taste on the next Festival. 

 Fried dough with powdered sugar and cherry candy

Meal we bought from the HAPPY WILD HOG both with baked beans, coleslaw and bread

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