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Renewed my Passport

I finally got the chance to renewed my passport after it's expired date 2 years ago. I thought, it would be very difficult to do the processing, however as long as you have everything ready you will be done fast. 

Base with my experiences, the Philippine consulate base in New York City is still not as fast as I thought the workers would be. Still Filipino employees and still slow just like in the Philippines. Even though they are more dedicated to their work, it would still be different if working faster than the usual.

When my number was called, this personnel thought, I wasn't ready for all my requirements. And thought I was dumb. He don't say it vocally but I can sense. I even got duplicate copies because it wasn't specifically mentioned on the website that you only need to provide one original. Everything says 1 original and 4 photocopies take note. So many copies to provide just to renew your expired passport. I have my marriage report done, report of childbirth is also done. And one major thing that we accomplished is the renewal of my passport. Now, all I need is money then I can visit my family in Philippines. 

After the business we had in Philippine consulate we headed to visit landmarks in New York City. We were not familiarized with the Big City, nevertheless we are still thankful of the help of an Ipod Touch. We have free wifi anywhere we go. That gives us the correct direction of the particular place. It nice to visit iDevice Rumors because you will really learn so many things. Specially, when you go somewhere you aren't familiar with. 


  1. great info... if mine expires before i get my EU passport, this is a great info!

  2. wow, that's great Nova, ready for travel to our homeland :)

  3. webbielady: no problemo...

    betchai: yeah, can't wait to visit the homeland...miss my family so bad


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