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Devil eggs anyone?

After reading about Marketing Robot the other thing that I did this day is on how to perfect the Devil eggs that my sister in law made. I didn't ask for her recipe, however I took my recipe from the food network magazine my mother in law has at her place. While looking at the variety on making a stylish devil eggs. I took the simplest and easiest recipe. 

I make sure I won't procrastinate so, I bought the ingredients that is needed for the recipe. I was anxious to finish and hopefully it will taste like it is. I guess being too precise isn't bad at all, especially when it comes to cooking. So here you go my finish devil eggs.

A closer look...


  1. yey, yum yum yum Nova! wish I can pick them up from my screen :)

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Cool! I haven't tried making deviled egg. But I love eating it hahaah :)


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