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First Christmas Stocking

I was encourage to make a Christmas Stocking for my immediate family in Philippines. While watching TV Online it motivates me to pursue the challenge. Although, I have so many wrong knits made on this first one but on the later part it helps me figure out how to read nor even balance the pattern in case I make a wrong knit again.

I am super excited to give this to my immediate family. Since I am almost done to the last stocking, I was thinking of making the entire family of my siblings. Isn't that a wonderful Christmas present? They will start stuff their stocking every Christmas day. 

Something that I have learned here to be pass on my entire family way back in my homeland.


  1. hello sism, is this your new hobby? it looks like you are already a pro..thanks for the visit..

  2. my journey: yes my new found talent... takes my time while i'm watching my son playing or if he's napping... i have more but i will not going to post them here if it's not all complete


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