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New Gadget

After waiting for a year to save to upgrade my camera. I finally bought it one day and now I am enjoying the features it has on it. I couldn't afford to buy the highest megapixel but getting a 10MP isn't bad at all. The important is, this gadget can capture farther places. If you don't know, one of the features that I love about is the interchangeable lense. Thank you to my BFF who helped me and shared me her knowledge with cameras. I don't mind upgrading to a greater one. As long as the price is worth of the camera that I wanted. Olympus is the best for me. Very user-friendly and I am enjoy the features like I said. I will be sharing some of the shoots that I will be taking with the help of my new friend Olympus. I should have given her a name. I might think one and that would be the next update. For now I am checking for this asset labels that I can take advantage with. 


  1. congratulations Nova, have fun with your camera.

  2. oh, i also like to have an upgraded camera... but sometimes the good ones/better ones are too heavy to carry and im too careless...

  3. betchai: thank you..i do am...

    webbielady: this isn't heavy at all its pretty light and that is one of the things i love with my camera the most


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