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Driving without car's wiper

It is been awhile since I've drove my hubby's car. I need to practice for my said road test this year. I do hope that before Winter I will be able to get the test. I still have to master the parallel parking and the k-turning. Anyways, so last Sunday I drove the car with my husband's presence of course. At night, I was told that I need to drive back home too. It was a 50-50 decision for me because, the car doesn't have the wipers back and it was drizzling. Hubby told me to just drive fast and with the chemicals he put on the wind shield waters won't stay on it. So I did and tried. It was pretty hard I can't see the road clearly plus those post lights blinds me bad. I have to make sure that I will be on the road. With cars coming on the other ways isn't helping at all. So, I give up I don't want to crash our car with my whole family with me. Before we get home, I decided to switched with my husband. Glad we make it home since it was starting to pour. It was an awesome experience though, it makes me feel pro to the road. Although, I never manage to take us home. It's better to be safe than sorry. For now, I have to earn money so I could buy the BMW for sale that I saw on the car company. If I have money. 

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