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Wisdom Teeth extraction

Last monday was my dental appointment for my two wisdom teeth extraction. I was very nervous because it is been ages since I got my tooth pulled out. I was confident with my dentist in Philippines, however changing to a different dentist is so uncomfortable for my part. Due to the pain that I kept feeling while I chew my food on both upper part of my teeth. I have no choice but to deal with the extraction. I have heard stories from this dentist, yet I still end up going to him. He is the only one in town who does extraction. Well, who accepts my health insurance. So, I was really nervous when the extraction begins. The needles that I felt when he has to put the anesthesia on both upper side portion. It took me at least 10 minutes sitting on the dentist chair waiting for the anesthesia to kicks in. Glad it did pretty good to me.

I have to take a deep breath to calm myself so I won't shake while the dentist pulled my teeth out. I'm glad I never felt pain but the cracking my wisdom teeth. So weird and glad it was over. 

One thing too, why do you have to shoved a huge gauge in my mouth where you can cut them into small pieces so I won't look hideous. I was walking with that huge gauge, good thing I have my son's bid in my purse, I covered my mouth with it.

Took the pain reliever in the pharmacy and glad that it was over. Since, I can't do anything because of my teeth extractions. I look online about compare term life insurance on the one we have right now. Glad to know the difference if whether or not we have to get a new one or remain to the old one we have.


  1. Congrats nOV, GLad it's over and you're okay....

  2. webbielad: thank you...glad too it's over

  3. You did it! If you have noticed, after the effects of the anesthetics have worn out, the pain will eventually kick in. Taking a pill from the dentist's prescription before the anesthesia wears out will avert you from feeling a lot of pain.

  4. Whew! That's a lot! Well, every person reading your blog should know that it is in every person's discretion to have an extraction or not. At least you know the facts on how to handle an impacted tooth if ever you will be in that position. Just remember that it is always in your best interest if your dentist tells you what is needed when it comes to your wisdom tooth and everything about your oral health.

  5. Wisdom teeth removal is much easier to perform on younger patients. This includes patients in their late teens and early twenties, whose roots are not fully developed. Their jawbones aren't quite as dense, either. Both of these factors make it much easier for a surgeon to go in and take out the tooth, which leads to a much less problematic recovery. In anycase, all of us definitely should be glad with such experiences to be over.

  6. Well, we shouldn't worry about complications. Complications after teeth removal are very rare. However, in some cases bleeding may not stop for a few more days. It is advisable to contact your dentist in such cases. Overall, wisdom teeth removal is a very safe procedure with very little complications. It hurts though. :D

  7. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that typically appear during the late teens or early twenties. When these third molars are healthy and aligned properly, they can be an asset. However, they usually must be removed due to misalignment or other issues. A dentist or oral surgeon is skilled in the proper extraction of wisdom teeth, making the process as simple and painless as possible.

  8. If a wisdom tooth extraction is required to relieve a patient of pain it is also very important for them to understand how the procedure works. Find a good oral surgeon. :)


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