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Glorious Fruit

The glorious fruits we have in our backyard. This grapes finally bare fruit after two years that we planted it. It has so many fruits this year that makes me and hubby happy. Of course, because it is sweet, there were also many visitors we have in our backyard. This was crawling in our fence and the vines just would not stop from spreading. We are glad that it finally happen and can't wait to spread more by next year.

As for me, I couldn't stop from taking pictures of this amazing plant we have. You do feel proud once you see your plant grows, multiply and even bare good fruits. The ripe grape I tried tasted really sweet. It is a little bit tiny this year, hopefully it will gets bigger by next year. Who knows, that's what they say, the older the grape will be the bigger its produces fruits. 

The green grapes in the plant...

A mix ripe and unripe grape on this one...

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  1. Wow! Grapes! I love them although I do not get to have them often. I am a new Follower from Jamaica.


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