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Mini Roses

I want to share my mini roses to you. It finally blooms and I am so happy to see not only one but four more flowers on each pot. I have assorted mini roses hubby gave to me during Mother's Day. In order to keep them from blooming I have to make sure they have enough sunlight everyday. It really inspires me a lot to plant more flowers this year than the fast year. Seeing them blooming just makes your labor paid off. After sharing my mini roses I clicked on a few google ads hoping that I can gain extra income out of it. You should try too, who knows since you are online why not make money of out it.

Red mini roses

Yellow Mini Rose that first bloom...

See there's more.. if you try to look closely...


  1. Cute pala tlaga ang yellow rose. I appreciate now rose even if it has thorns.:)

  2. oh, so happy for you Nova, i see lots of buds, soon you will have a lot of flowers, can't wait to see them in full bloom, hope you will have a follow up to this post if by any chance you get a pic of them again opened up already. love your pics.

  3. Yen: It did pricked me when I tried to positioned the rose so I could take a good pictures..but it's worth it...they are pretty nice..

    Betchai: I am super happy, I've never seen this have this many bulb since i got it from the store... I do have of course... can't wait to post them here too...

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Wow your roses are growing beautifully. Yellow roses are my favorite!

  5. Roses are so beautiful and have always been my favourite flowers!


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