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Chicken Caldereta

One thing I love to do ever since was cooking. I never cooked as much as I can while I was still in Philippines because I have a relative who do it for us. While, I was busy at work and helping with the household chores. I seldom cook food that I want to eat. 

Now, that I moved in US for good noone is going to cook good meal for me. Or not Filipino dish anyway. I have to strive my best to make sure I know how to make them and with the help of website and videos what was shared online. I have the chance to look into it and learn. 

One of it was "Caldereta" or pork with pepper, carrots and potatoes in it. You can either use pork or chicken in it though. There are ways to make them. They have sachet that the seasoning was fully mix or if you want to make it out from scratch. 

I didn't, I have the sachet I bought at the Asian Store here. And make the meal pretty easy. I am glad that I have sources online. I do hope this people will not going to stop from sharing their ways on how to help other people too without expecting anything in return.


  1. looks yummy.. penge! :)

  2. come here... i ate the whole thing by myself...didn't took a day...


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