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Blooming Roses

After I checked about wetsuit online. I decided to make sure I won't ever forget to share the wonderful roses I had way back Summer. If you have noticed, I was really proud to share them from the time they were just bulb until they really open all the way. Because I want you to see the joy I have in my heart that day. Every time I see flowers, it makes me smile. It makes me think that life is not just full of problems and mysteries. That life has its wonderful meaning inspite of the trials we do have in everyday life. 

This is why, I never hesitated to share my mini roses. I love it much and I want to make sure that I put smile into my viewers/readers face. I do hope you enjoyed them. And until the next time they will bear flowers again.

The same yellow mini roses... they turned white with pink polka dots

Closer view....


  1. Lovely blooms indeed!

  2. Beautiful potted glories you got there, Novs!

  3. beautiful blooms Nova, so happy for you that you got to enjoy their lovely and inspiring blossoms.

  4. It made me smile also seeing the beautiful , fresh and lively roses of colors. Nice shot ate.

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    wow nice roses!

  6. they look lovely! buti ka pa sis may green thumb! :)

  7. was a good luck...


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