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I am glad it was made...

I am sure it is not just me who is so happy when technology was even greater. The high-technology now makes every single communication easier. I talked to my siblings earlier today. If you are family with the company that was on the picture you would probably have already tried them too. It was free before, video conference was super popular nowadays. You don't need to wait for a snail mail in order to be updated with your family. We are totally in different places on earth. Two different time zones and yet we still manage to hangout for awhile. 

I am so glad whenever this time comes. I do miss my family way back in Philippines. I can't wait to spend time with them once we have our vacation, that would be next year.

Like this software that we were using now. There are even more good technology that was invented in order to make life comfortable. Inventing a gps watch is absolutely great. You don't need to keep bringing those car GPS just to make sure you won't get lost. It is very handy and absolutely no need to hold it while you track your direction. 

Fantastic! Can't wait for more great invention in the future.


  1. That's so true, now we can get in touch with family and friends....

  2. There will surely be more invention coming...:=)


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