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Growing Pineapple for the second time around

These are the pineapple that hubby planted last summer. I am glad he never stops on planting them. Although, his previous attempt failed. I told him that once you have bought the whole pineapple fruit and took the crown out, just plant the crown right away to the pot or ground. Unfortunately, he never listen to my advice. She who is the daughter of a plant grower. 

However, he finally listened to me last Summer and here it is. We have two pineapple plant in the pot. We don't know when will it bare fruit for we don't have a full year hot temperature. For now, one is inside the house and the other is on our porch. We do have to put all the plants inside our house to give them heat at least while winter comes. That means only one thing too, our house will going to be a jungle for 6 months. That's okay, plants help you with moisture right?

We do hope that it won't take 6 years before it starts to have fruit. As long as we give them enough sunlight. We will see. But for now, I'm proud to share to you all the growing pineapple plant that my partner planted. I better check out the historic newspaper for more information. 


  1. Yes, rather than artificial plants displayed inside the house.You have a garden inside the house. that's cool.
    Good advice from the experts are always best and effective, Congratulation to your hubby ate, as he was able to make the pineapple sprout.:)

  2. Yen: we do have ...but we put them in the pot...i will tell him that too...


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