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Prospective jurors...

You have read it right! I got this letter in the mail one day. Like a week after I have gotten my 10 years residency Card. It was nice, however scared cause you don't know what kind of trial will you going to be with. I hope when they give me the letters it would not be something like murder or stuff. Just like what I saw in the movies. Hehehe... I do hope As I read the l further read about the letter. They have selected my name through a random draw of names from the DMV office. 

I followed the instructions, returned to them with more correction of my name. Unfortunately, as a Filipino Citizen we are used to have two separate first name. Here, it is way too different. They are used to have one first name and one different middle name. I am saying even if you are siblings flesh and blood trust me you don't have the same middle name. The last name will be the same. These are just some of the things I have to adapt in the environment. 

Anyways, I am still waiting for the next corrected letter for further notice in the mail from them. 

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