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Sunflower is having flowers

This is the very first time that I am planting Sunflower . It is one of my favorite flowers for it has this massive size of flowers in that one skinny yet tall stem. Every single day, I checked the plants which I put beside our house. I was hoping that it will bare flowers already so I can enjoy the seeds and the big yellow flower it has. Until one day, I have noticed that it finally has flower sprouting on the tip of it stem. I wanted to document this so I grabbed my camera and took extra careful not to harm my flower. With one of them, you can actually see a spider living underneath the sprouting flower. 

I am so proud to see that every day my sunflower is progressing. I can't wait to bloom and produce seeds so I could enjoy the fruit of my labor. But for now, maybe looking for a nice bingo sites to keeps me away from boredom is what I am going to do.


  1. I love flowers and must say that sunflowers are beautiful! I wish I had some in my garden. I have even enjoyed eating sunflower seeds!:)

  2. wow, i am excited to see the 1st flower it would bear.:)


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