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We are going to be very busy...

I won't say a full detail about why are we going to be very busy in the next few months. Because I want to make sure that everything will be settle first and final before I tell the whole world the big event that is about to happen to our lives. No, I am not pregnant yet and we are not planning on having one anytime soon. Well, not unless I stepped back to Philippines for a three months vacation. I hope. No, not that I am planning on getting my US citizenship anytime too either, because until now, I am still waiting for my 10 years residency in mail. Which I have been waiting for the last five months. However, this big event is something connected with the changes of the environment. There, pretty much I have given you a little hint. For those, who knew you can guess and I will be glad to answer and tell you if you have guessed it or not. 

For now, shopping for a nice cabinet doors would be great to renovate our kitchen cabinet doors. I love antiques, but sometimes if they were no longer good enough to keep. We sadly have to replace them with a new cabinet door right? We can match up the design from the old ones we have in order to preserve the value of the cabinet. Antiques is one of the precious things we should been taken care off. 

It is something, that we can pass within the family, provided that these member of the family will also takes good care of the antiques we are passing to them. This precious items or furniture is what makes the family be remembered and see how everyone looks after not just over things but the most important is the family. 

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