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White Lilies

It makes me feel so proud every time our plants and flowers blooms or bear fruits. This white lilies I have here was all over in front of our house. Maybe the previous owner of this house planted this perennial plants in front because hubby didn't plant this himself. It grows back every where and it produces more and more flowers. I love watching them in front of the house because it gives good vibe and views to our house. Plus, knowing that it is white purity do rules. White lilies smells good too. I might be missing this flowers pretty soon. However, I might dig some bulbs so I can plant them in the place that we plan to move in.


  1. wow, very beautiful shots Nova, those petals look so dainty in white. love them.

  2. I agree ate, flowers like that specially white gives good vibes and adds up beauty to the yard. So beautiful the lilies are.

  3. Betchai and Yen: thank you

  4. How lucky you have these lilies in your garden. they are amaizng

  5. you must be a very talented garden operator to have such beautiful lilies.


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