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I am frustrated with the Latik that I am making for my sticky rice cake. Unfortunately, again it never turned out right. I have done this before and I have mastered it. Because I haven't cooking such Sticky Rice Cake, I might have forgotten on how long should I let the coconut milk and brown sugar in the saucepan with the high heat on. During my birthday, I made one for my desert, with a bad luck I didn't serve the desert because it never turn out right. Again, the latik didn't turn right. I was so bummed! Because I have wasted at least 4 cans of coconut milk just to repeat the same recipe. Now, I have tried again. And I will never ever stop until I have got the right Latik [ fried coconut milk curd]  for my sticky rice cake toppings. I have one more  coconut milk and will try later again. I do hope that with the frustration that I am feeling right now, it is not a good thing to make the toppings again. 

Maybe I have to wait for a very long time. I think I have to make sure that the coconut milk and sugar will turned oily before taking it out from the saucepan. If I haven't done it right later tonight,. I will definitely consult my friend Tess who taught me on how to make the toppings for the sweet sticky rice cake.

In order to relieved this frustrations. I guess checking out for a printers in london for my friend would make me feel good. It is better to divert your attention into something else after the frustrations so you won't explode.

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