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Puto Cheese

Being a Filipino you have cravings of the food that you used to eat way back in your homeland. When you are in the country you won't miss such foods because you could just make them, or buy it in the store. However, when you are 9000 miles away from your birth land. This are the foods you truly miss. 

You want to eat them and crave with this food. Lucky for you if you live within an Asian store or Filipino store in your area. But if it takes hours to get there, it is hard sometimes and knowing the practicality you decided not to crave and stop thinking about this foods. 

Today, I made this ready to mix Puto [native rice cake] cheese in the box. I have at least 20 piece in just one sachet. I did enjoy eating the Puto Cheese and couldn't wait to bake for more. I will make it out from scratch next time. Since, I have the recipe my Sister in law gave me.

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