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My Favorite road in Jamestown

Today I am going to share to you my favorite road here in Jamestown, NY. I am sure you have an idea of why do I love this road. It is because of the trees that surrounds the road. It look so peaceful and green , as well as calming whenever we passed by this road. I do love the trees where they planted as well. 

So, I took a quick photos of the road and make sure that I have a good view. This was taken last Summer when the trees has its green leaves still. Today, haven't taken one for FALL which is more fascinating because of the different colors of the leaves on the trees. Too bad, hubby gets home very late from work and I do hope that I will be able to take a shoot before all the leaves will fall. 

Sundays was my ideal day to take pictures, unfortunately I couldn't because I am driving to our errands. To be safe, I will never risk of taking pictures. It is one of my hubby although, I am not a PRO when taking pictures at all. Just like reading about reviews, you will be able to read/know about experiences of others.


  1. no wonfer its your favorite road, i am sure its freshing in this area

  2. totally it is refreshing....


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