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One Lovely Sunday

One lovely Sunday morning that day. I couldn't resist of not taking pictures of the creation of God. So, here it is to see at least once before Winter Season takes over the whole atmosphere. I couldn't imagine on how this amazing scenery made or was it just Mother Nature itself? This kind of weather makes me want to buy a big Gong which I can pick out from the  Gongs I found online. Also aside from that I want to just hit the Gong and tell the whole how wonderful this day was. I know I do sound a little bit silly but it is just fascinating. 

Or maybe Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Crystal Singing Bowls might be the perfect equipment to use? If you are interested to join me on getting one. Make sure you visit the websites I mentioned because you will never regret of the variety they have online. 

 Inside the car while taking the shot...

 Couldn't resist the wonderful Sunny day

At the MALL Area


  1. wow!perfect photo're getting good in photography:-) keep it up

  2. beautiful set of photos Nova, i would have to second Carolyn, you are so getting very good in photography, keep on shooting

  3. carolyn: i wish to learn more...but i guess getting more and more pictures will help you develop the inside talent that you have....

    betchai: thank you so much for the appreciation...

  4. You have a hand girl, perfect photos you got not all can.


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