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Freebies for today was

This is another set of the freebies I got one day. As I mentioned before, I got addicted into signing up for a freebies and it is great to get something that could at least help you out with the money you spend with the grocery. Although, the freebies isn't a full bulk to get at least getting them one at a time makes us save a little. 

There are so many legitimate websites where you could sign up for a freebies. But you also see that you are not giving out your full information for we have to beware with an identity theft. 

For me, I might be able to check it later once I am done checking out for legit freebies online. 


  1. i agree with you.,
    identity theft will be much abused.

  2. i love signing up for freebies too :)but like you, i also am very careful not to sign up in sites which ask for too much information.

  3. Somebody use hubby's card before but the bank notice that its not him so no money come out...Visiting.

  4. wow, saya naman sana may ganyan din dito sa Pinas

  5. i love freebies :)

  6. thank you ladies, i have so much fun with the freebies and i was glad that there are some companies who actually do it


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