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I love my family

My Birthday Cake!!!!
This is my second family in USA. Since I moved here last 2008, they were always been there for me. They knew how hard for me to be far from my own family in Philippines, so the filled those empty spaces in my heart. The longing to be with my family, aside from my own family now during my birthday celebration. 

It was another memorable birthday for me. I didn't know that they have cake for me. Everyone is singing the Happy Birthday Song. And they brought out my family cheesecake. 

I never wanted to compare anything that happened to me here and while I was still in Philippines. However, having your own mother during your birthday would definitely different. She gave birth to you and it would make her proud to see me all so grown up and had a family. Maybe she'll give me some nice pearls jewelry. Yet, something that would remind me that she gave this on my birthday. Getting a nice freshwater pearls jewelry is something I would like to have someday. 

However, since I haven't been married in the church, maybe I could ask my mother for a pearl bridal jewelry as a gift that would match my bridal gown too.

Overall, I am still thankful for all the blessings God has showered upon me. Because, I am really blessed to have it all.

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  1. you indeed lucky to have such a woderful second family in the US. i know its way over due but Happy new year you and to your family..


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