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What makes the noise too early in the morning

I was wondering what was those noise came from so early in the morning. This was way back early Fall. I have seen these men at work. They are racking the leaves in the middle of the street to clean the road. Yes! They do that every year. They help us to clean those dry leaves from our trees. Since, we can't burn them in where we live. They have to make sure that they will take the leaves and dispose them. I don't know how will they do that, but I am sure it is something related to environmental safety. I was waiting and watching the men-at-work so I could steal some pictures while they are working, however I guess I wasn't lucky enough to capture one of them. It took hours and hours for them to clean the whole street. And after the whole cleaning everything is spotless, meaning they have watched the side of the street and makes sure it is neat before Winter comes. 

Dry leaves

They are cleaning the street
I am sure it would be similar on eliminating termites. We don't want them in our house that is why we do need some professional help. If you live in Arizona, it would be your lucky day because I definitely know who to contact once you have problem on terminating termites. 

Have you ever heard about Termite Control Phoenix, they are the one who can help you with that problem. I am sure it would be pain in the butt once you find out termites inside your home. They are dangerous specially when you have younger kids living with you. So Termites Phoenix or Arizona Termites whichever you prefer to call them is to the rescue. They are located at Arizona Termite Control, 3019 N. 14th Street, #309, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or call them at [602] 635-9166. 

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  1. We had termite before but thankfully after the treatment for 4 years now it has not come back


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