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Just can't resist

If you are one of the frequent viewer of this blog, you have noticed the difference. And YES! I have changed the template again. I guess, I don't want to stick to a template that longer unless it is something that really make.

I couldn't resist the urge of not changing my own template too. Since, I started this one here and still waiting for blogger to put 'reply' in my comment box. I still seek for a nice template to my other blog. I still battling the idea of getting it a domain though, I know you are tired of reading about that plan. I couldn't still decide yet for now. 

I don't want to get it a domain name then end up not using the whole page because I am way too busy over somethings. We shall see.

I do hope you like my new template. I do, although I still have to fix some things but for now it is done.

Happy Weekend you All!!!


  1. yes, do love your new template Nova, good for you! I had been thinking of changing my template, but could't get the motivation to really do it :(

  2. Thanks betchai:

  3. your new template is nice sis..mine was a mess too and I was so upset coz i really like my template before. I was trying to fix it but i wasn't able. I recoded it and use the same background and wasn't that bad but what i don't like is there's no date in the post..Im tired of changing it so it will be like that until i will have time to fix :-)

  4. sorry to hear that, will...when you have the motivation to recode your blog again. why not try..i can't focus on doing more because my son wants my attention most of the time...


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