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Random Pictures last Christmas 2011

While looking into this cute and colorful Christmas stuff. It brightens my day and remembering the past Christmas and how time flies way too fast. It is almost Valentines day and pretty soon it will be St. Patrick's Day too. There is nothing we can do to stop the time and let it go slowly. In fact the only thing we can do is to make sure we have memories each day with our love ones. Live our life to the fullest like there will no tomorrow. 

While looking at this nice Santa ornament hanging on the tree. I was thinking maybe carving is such a nice thing to learn. Maybe I better start looking for a nice and decent carving tools. There might be affordable ones for beginners. Who knows, I might have talents in carving and get small business out of it.

~Christmas Gifts 2011~

~ Cards I got from Family and Friends - 

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  1. Amazing pictures, love all of them very much, i actually might save some of them and use some as my wallpaper/background ..such great art work. thanks for sharing this!


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