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Adobong Spinach

Rice with adobong spinach
While browsing to my food section bookmark, I didn't noticed that I have bookmarked water spinach adobo. I am not really a fan of eating veggies until I got pregnant and start breastfeeding. I told myself that I stop being selfish and make sure that I gave more nutrients to my baby. 

Anyhow, it was the very first time I made and ate Water spinach adobo. Although, I can't eat plain spinach I added pork in my adobo. Plus an amount of rice to go with it. 

I didn't expect that it taste really good. Although, I didn't make it again recently, I am sure I will be able to make another one soon. 

Sometimes, we need to eat vegetables to be a role model to our kids. Teach them, eating healthy foods is best for keeping us away from sickness.


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