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Gifts from Christmas 2011

Just something I saw on my folder while cleaning up my files. I guess, it is time for me to share the random gifts I got from family and friends last Christmas 2011. I have to give them credits for being so thoughtful and generous. 

Even though, the gifts we received isn't those expensive and very pricey one. We should know how to appreciate those little things. Because it is the thought that counts not on how big it was yet, it isn't from the bottom of the heart. I would prefer to get a card that you made, for I know you do it with effort and it is one of a kind.

It is just like insurance or assistance we get for our cars. We have to make sure that we get the one that is reliable. Better to know more and Compare Roadside Assistance from a competitive one. It is better safe than sorry, right?

~hubby and my son's gift-

~gift to myself to give a good scent in the house~

~this was given by my friend Tess [Pinay here in town]~

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