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When Whitney Houston passed away

I was really shocked when I read a status posted on FB last Saturday Night. When the famous Singer Whitney Houston passed away. It was like my heart was crushed because all my favorite singers were dying for drug related or we don't know what is the toxicology found in her system. But, knowing that there is water in her lungs that causes her death too. I can't wait to know the full detail of her death. Since I was little, she was really my idol. I love all her music and that magnificent voice, that makes you stop from what you were doing and listen. Will never be heard anymore. I watch video online of her and her music videos to remind me how wonderful she is. I don't want to forget her just because she passed away. However, through this videos online would help me remember her always.


  1. i was shocked too, it is hard to connect how successful her career seemed (and other celebrities) with how sad she is going through to resort to drugs.

  2. that's so true, i didn't even known how hard for her to hold into his marriage hoping it will be back to what it was before. it turns out that nothing is really last. and without love, all the wealth is worthless.


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