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Ah Bag savior

I am not a fan of winter anymore, not after I know that it gets really cold no matter what time of the year. It sucks for me this year, for I always have a frost bite toes. I don't know what triggers it. Although, I have worn 2 pairs of socks already. It bothers me out that I still have a very cold toes. And trust me, when that happens it is very annoying. 

Guess what helps temporarily, an ah bag that my sister in law made for my hubby. It warms my toes and although it didn't last forever at least it did help me feel my toes back again. I have to re-heat this thing every time I don't feel heat in it anymore. 

After complaining for days, one thing that helps was through this. 

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  1. Oh no I can't bear that kind of weather, I can't even bear the aircon on a high cool. Take care ate novs. It's summer here, hottah hottah:)


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