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New Year's celebration

Sometimes living in a middle class life isn't bad at all. I think it is one of the safest class to have more memorable life. I am not saying that wealthy people couldn't have memorable once, they can in a very expensive way. Simplicity is what I am looking in here. Celebrating occasions with your family is what I always wanted to have. Unfortunately, sometimes everything is not going to be perfect. 

Sometimes, we would love to aim for a higher class, we succeed but yet in the end we fall if we don't know how to handle the opportunity that is in our hands. If that happens, we file for bankruptcy. And if you need help, Sacramento bankruptcy attorney is what you are looking for. A trusted attorney to help you build up what you have dropped. A choice that you have to think more than once in order to give you a second chance in life.

So, even if this pictures are way delayed, I would like to share with you how simple we celebrated our New Year's Day.


And a cold pizza hubby bought....


  1. same here Nova, love the simple joys in simple life, less pressure and stress :) happy weekend to you and your family.

  2. thanks for the often visit...happy weekend too


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