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Who messes this up?

That's what I have in mind too, when I went in the living room and see how messy was it just after I cleaned the whole place. 

How can a small person make such a big mess for less than an hour in the house? It is probably what kids do especially when they don't have someone to play with other than their mother. Sometimes, kids are looking for a particular toy and since they couldn't find it, that is where the mess starts. 

This is one of the example of looking for a nice rest home for your elder one. Make sure you have to know the background of the company as well as talking to a resident or even to an employee who works  there. We want the best for our elderly one, to make sure they are happy and not sad. We have to make sure that we put them in a place where it is not fraud and only uses the money we pay them, without getting what they deserve to have. 

So, I beware all those who seeks rest home. One thing you must know off is Calvine Elderly Care Home, who were operated by John Nita and Elena Nita. I have read so many unbelievable reviews about the company. Better safe than sorry. 


  1. Awww! Yup. Kids are tiny cute creatures who can make a huge mess. Tsk tsk. but it's a good thing pretty and patient mommy is there to put things back in order:)

    Have a great day Novah :)

  2. haha, i remember my nephew and nieces when they were too little, they can mess up the house like a lightning :)


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