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Good Breakfast

I have a very good breakfast one morning. When I decided to bake sweet sticky rice that has a caramelized coconut milk toppings. I bake them after I cook to make sure that it will be best for my taste. It was a very good breakfast I must say. I was wondering when will this desert be last? 

I was also surprised when one time, my son came to me and pointed to what I was eating. I gave him this desert before, apparently he doesn't like the taste. I tell you the taste is sweet because of the toppings. However, the color of the rice is more sticker than that normal one. 

Anyway, when I feed a half spoon in his mouth, he starts chewing it slowly and you can tell that he likes it for he didn't spit it out. He swallowed it right away and pointed it back, meaning he wants more. I am happy for him because this is one of my culture's delicacy and he loves and hopefully when he grows older he will still love this desert. 

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