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I found the solution...

This was last Palm Sunday, when we didn't able to get to the church for the once a year event. For Catholics it is very important to follow this kind of event. I was really guilty of missing the said event. However, I was still thankful although it is not in person, yet I was able to participate with the mass. Through a live Mass. I am happy, although there were so many distraction in the house yet I still feel that I am within them. 

I could make it into a fullscreen but it will look blurry for the megapixel of the video is not higher I think. It might be small to look at, nevertheless the main focus was that you have participated in the Eucharist. Thanks to the online technology.

I want to thank this website for having this kind of features that way, I won't be able to miss Sunday Masses again. Although, I would still prefer to go to church. I will make sure that once I have a driver license then, I have no excuse not to be go to church.

I did have a wonderful Sunday. I feel like my Spirit were filled again. I feel like life is not all hard as long as our Creator is in the center of me. I was able to look for what I have been searching online. As if  I was really inspired. I found online accounting solution for a problem that one of my friend ask me to look for. With the motivations I have, it didn't took me forever to look what I needed for. 

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