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Me and hubby were been busy lately due to the renovation we are doing in the future house we are buying. Although, it isn't in our names yet, however updating the said house would be a good way before we move in. I am in-charge when it comes to painting and decorations. So, I can call myself a carpentry student. We decided to do it ourselves in order to save money. 

Sometimes, it would not be faster than we want it too because hubby has work in the morning. So, after work we go to the house to fix as much as we can. And it is not like 5 minutes drive, it takes at least 10 to 15 minutes or more if we need to go to a store to buy what we needed. 

So, if you are in the process of renovations and would like to make the work done faster. You can certainly look for a painters and decorators professionals. I am sure it might only takes at least 1 month or lesser for the things done. 

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