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He is such a Mama's Boy

The most precious gift I have in my life is having a son. I love kids as far as I can remember. And it never stops. I was also pretending that I am pregnant because I have seen my sister in laws on how amazing they look like with a baby inside their belly. It is a gift to be pregnant, baring the kids that you wanted the most.

Now, that I finally have my own flesh and blood son, I still love my nieces and nephews just like my son. The joy is incomparable and priceless I will never exchange this kind of happiness over something else. For the joy your kids gives you beats nothing else. 

So, this starts my son being a Mama's boy. He is very much attached to me and I love it too. Because I can teach him values that my parent's taught me. Him being close to me is a good thing that I can help him and support him on doing the right way. Although, the frustrations never goes away, it is a part of being a parent. 

Sleepless nights, because they get sick and you wish that it is you who had their sickness in order for them to feel better and never experience pain for such a young age. But then again, that is how why build up their immunity, being expose to harmful bacterias and virus helps their body's immune system to fight for it and will get use to it, in order for their body to know it. 
Last Christmas... way too bashful to go to his auntie

It was his nap time, of course he wants Mama to hold him...
Another picture and he still don't want to leave me...

Precious right? If you have sleepless night because you were not used to that. I know what can help you, purchase imovane online and it will give you a peaceful nights once you try this. Sometimes, we deserve to have a good sleep after all those sleepless nights. To give ourselves energy in the morning and then back to to our chores or work again. 

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