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Another glorious freebies

Just another wonderful Monday, when you went outside to get what's inside your Mailbox. This is what I got today. Another batch of freebies that I signed up online. I love getting free stuff for trial especially when it comes to a new product that I have not tried yet. 

The Spring into action mail with the puppy one is something that I haven't subscribe for. I just got this today and when I opened it. It was something about supporting the animals in the shelter and with that they gave me a return label address where there are puppies and kittens on it.

I have a shallow happiness, and this kind of things makes me happy. However, sometimes we are not perfect and there are nights that we struggle to fall asleep. No matter what do we do, we still end up awake for most of the nights. 

I am happy to inform you that you can actually buy a pill for that without leaving your premises. Simply purchase sonata online it will be delivered to you in your doorsteps, no hassle and it will help you have a peaceful nights.


  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    hi sis trying if my comment will go through.

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    there we go! i can't see the captcha on my mac.
    I had to hit tab. BTW, thanks for the visit

  3. thanks for the time...


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