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Flowers makes me smile

 My white pretty lilies finally bloom in. This was taken late June of this year, but because they were out numbered with the colored lilies I have in the back round I think sharing you the white color I have would be a amazing.

It makes me smile and feel good whenever I see pretty flowers, whether I planted them or just in the store whenever we pass by the area. They make your emotion feels lighter. I don't know exactly what is on them that makes you feel that way. 

Maybe they were create to be that way to people. That's why I really take good great of them in our yard and when someone gives me pretty nice flower through a delivery company.

Assorted one, in different colors makes my mood even brighter. I wish I have enough money to spend every week, so I could just order from them and either to pick it up from the store or just simply ask for delivery. 

So, I can't wait for another occasion in my life, that way my partner would just simple send me flowers and then I could keep them for weeks inside the house. Put them in a good vase and just adds to the beauty of the house. I would feel like I'm in a secret garden with the scent of the flower and with the flowers around at the same time.

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  1. oh, these are very beautiful flowers, Nova, they indeed can bring heartwarming smile.

    1. that's true betchai, that's why i never get tired of posting them here and sharing the plants that i planted


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